Skirts party

If you like I can arrange a skirts party at your home, that is within reasonable distance of IJsselstein of course. Then I take all skirts and necklaces, and you provide for guests. Especially if you live far away is that a solution to get a skirt ;-)

Please contact me for a number of dates and a digital invitation. See if you can find at least 10 women who could appreceate my products in terms of style (obviously no obligation to purchase) and ask what date they prefer. Send the final date and number of guests to me by and see me appear; obviously with a gift for the hostess!

Think of friends, neighbors, colleagues, and sisters (in-law) mothers (in-law), mothers from school, your club(s) or invite someone you know always wearing that cute dress ;-) You can also tell your guests bring one or more friends. So you have a full room quickly.

I would be very nice to find a time with you. History shows that these evenings are full of fun. You want to experience that ;-)