• Viscose sounds very chemical, but it is actually pure nature: made of cellulose out of cotton or wood. Is also called rayon. Feels soft and supple and "breathes".
  • Tricot fabric is knitted and therefor stretchable and almost needs no finishing.
  • A feature of tricot is that it curls. That's what I use for my necklaces.
  • The tricot-strips in the necklaces I cut from new fabrics myself.
  • Tricot necklaces are finished with one or more buttons; I call that button tarts and think that the best part of producing the necklaces.
  • The nodes I buy per kilo at markets. Except for a few all recycled.
  • LPs are always gifts. For now I have enough of them, so don't rush to your attic.
  • The cutting scraps are reused by children BSO or schools. Or by professionals.
  • I work at home on green energy, using 3 different machines. Usually the dog at my feet and listening to the radio. What a wonderful life!