Cool skirts

Many beautiful skirts. Look around and choose the ones you like most. Now on sale, so take your chance!

Always check the size chart to determine the correct size!

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Bloesem en vogeltjes zomerrokje

So cute, blossom with very little birds. Soft shades, but not too soft ;-)
€34.50 €29.50

Earth skirt

Warm brown/green earth shades. Looks like marble on tree bark. Also suitable for fall and spring with a maillot or leggings.
€345000.00 €295000.00

Giraffen zomerrokje

Awesome print with large giraffe heads. For women with courage (and their (grand-)daughters!)
€34.50 €29.50

Mystic river zomerrokje

Black, purple and broken white colours predominate, with occasional wipes of orange / red or bright green. Certainly exclusive, but priced as good-looking skirt ;-)
€34.50 €29.50

Spetters zomerrokje

Black / gray splashes on a white cotton background. Pretty crazy, but not too!
€34.50 €29.50

Stylish blue/black skirt

Stylish blue skirt with a black back.
€34.50 €29.50

Stylish green/black skirt

Stylish green skirt with a black back
€34.50 €29.50

Paint splashes skirt

Beautiful purple, pink, red tones. A bit of blue. Beautiful!
€34.50 €29.50

Zwanen en rozen zomerrokje

Swans, roses, swallows and pigeons. Romance is all over it. Includes sunset. In warm pastel tones.
€34.50 €29.50