Cool skirts

Many beautiful skirts. Look around and choose the ones you like most. Now on sale, so take your chance!

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Ballerina zomerrokje

Ballerina's in matching pastel pink / blue / white shades, camees, blossoms, the Eiffel Tower. Lovely romantic skirt. For the lovers of soft colors.

Blauw/paarse vegen zomerrokje

Blue / purple streaks with some black accents. Nice to combine with a black or white shirt.

Bloesem en vogeltjes zomerrokje

So cute, blossom with very little birds. Soft shades, but not too soft ;-)

Earthquake zomerrokje

It looks like seismological lines. Very subtle, very nice harmonious print.

Framboos zomerrokje

Raspberry! Really cheerful. Lovely bright colour, just as a raspberry should be;-)

Giraffen zomerrokje

Awesome print with large giraffe heads. For women with courage (and their (grand-)daughters!)

Grijs blokje zomerrokje

Covered shades, beautifully blended pattern. A 'fits many occasions' skirt!
€34.50 €17.25

Grijs/witte maantjes zomerrokje

Nice airy fabric, simple print, combines well with black, gray and white.
€34.50 €17.25

Japanse vrouwen zomerrokje

Beautiful Japanese geishas between beautiful shades. Really unique!
€34.50 €17.25

Kubusstructuur zomerrokje

Indescribable, but beautiful. Various shades with black and white base, so easy to combine with a shirt in that colour. But lila combines fine ;-)

Luchtballonnen zomerrokje

Pretty crazy air balloons. Beautiful colours on a light blue cloudy sky. Also fun for mother / daughter set!

Luikjes zomerrokje

This will really makes you happy. Bright summer colours, pretty crazy. And then again not weird at all. I like it.

Meisje + vlinders petrol blauw zomerrokje

Beautifully drawn girl face with flowers and butterflies. High cuteness factor! Note: Girls are only on the front of the skirt! Butterflies on the back, look at the photos. Also suitable for spring and autumn with a maillot or leggings.

Mystic river zomerrokje

Black, purple and broken white colours predominate, with occasional wipes of orange / red or bright green. Certainly exclusive, but priced as good-looking skirt ;-)

Oranje fiets zomerrokje

Gray, orange, mint green are the shades in this soft skirt. Stylish and warm colours. Bikes, flowers and vintage cameras. Weird combination, but nice!