Who am I?

I'm Marjon ten Pas, married to my great help and support Christiaan and mother of Myrthe and Ilene. That is where company name originates from: I'M Mi are the initials of two daughters, one lives here and the second has gone back to the Light, halfway through the pregnancy. I am them, every mother is her children, but I am myself.

My own clothing style does not care too much for fashion. I always try to find slightly different things than available in the average store. Because it is not easy getting distinct, affordable clothes, I made them myself many times. By popular demand, I started tailoring for others and by that I made my hobby to my job, started my own business and have almost no time left to sew for myself ;-(

Making large stock is killing creativity, so I have to do concessions to the design, but I use stylish, distinct and / or crazy fabrics. That's what I'm good at: knowing which fabric has the look that I want. That's my strength. I hope to make you happy with that. Which in return makes me happy.

I've always been busy with creating, making clothes for kids and myself or theatre. For 14 years I've been in the Kwibus clothing team, a great amateur theatre group, that shows almost professional theater. In our own building Theater Pantalone.

For the 125th anniversary of the WKZ in Utrecht I created two costumes: two giant gift packages that helped the Friends of the WKZ to get a huge gift sponsored. I also created a big heart suit in their logo colors in 2014.

As of 2015, I'M Mi summer skirts are also for sale in Plakias in Crete.  I'm very proud that they sell there as well. Hopefully I'll find more outlets is the near future, so that I can please even more women with a nice skirt. That is my goal: to help every woman to find the ultimate skirt for her, so she feels beautiful!

I'M Mi is one of my passions, all other (volunteer) work and sure my family is very dear to me. It's quite hectic, but very rewarding. It always helps me to discover who I am and what I really want in this life.

I'M Mi, who do you want to be?


Marjon ten Pas-Nijhoff Marjon ten Pas-Nijhoff
aan de slag met WKZ-kostuums Working on WKZ-costumes
Hartenpak voor WKZ 2014

Heart costume for WKZ 2014


Koninginnejurken Kwibus

Dresses for Kwibus theater 'Long live the Queen'