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Who do you want to be?


This is the motto from which I work, design, and sell.


Because distinct, affordable women's clothing is quite a challenge to find, late 2012 I started my own clothing label. It’s my challenge to make you feel beautiful in a I'M Mi creation. I’m happy when you finally found something different than usual that suits you. That is still affordable. And preferably has some humor too.

`Mode met een knipoog` (`Fashion with a wink`)

Have a look on the site what I produce. Or visit me at a market or fair that I attend (calendar). Or visit me at my home, nose about in my studio. You’re always welcome (appointment advised ;-)

And if you like me on facebook I will regularly keep you informed of I'M Mi news.


Who do you want to be?

I'M Mi, Marjon ten Pas,



Please note that I mainly sell to dutch reading customers, so don't expect everything on this site to be fully or properly translated ;-)